KS95 Teacher of the Week

Woodbury Middle School teacher named KS95's Teacher of the Week
Posted on 05/03/2019
Radio personality Ryan and teacher Sigrid Dabelstein Sixth-grade math teacher Sigrid Dabelstein was awarded KS95's Teacher of the Week award on Wednesday, May 1 at Woodbury Middle School. Dabelstein was nominated for the award, which is given out weekly by the Twin Cities radio station. She was also invited to attend an annual banquet for this school year's Teachers of the Week at Radisson Blu Mall of America on Wednesday, May 22. At the event, she will be entered to win $1,000 for herself and $1,000 for Woodbury Middle School.

Three other South Washington County School teachers have been awarded the Teacher of the Week this school year and will join Hughes at the annual banquet. The other teachers include Nicole Hughes, sixth-grade teacher from Oltman Middle School, Sara Koehnen, third-grade teacher from Middleton Elementary School and Sara Arthur-Noble, Special Education teacher from Newport Elementary School.