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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What time does the school open for students?
School is open at 7:15 and school starts at 7:50.

What time does the school close at the end of the day?
School ends at 2:26. If you are picking up your student and finding traffic is extremely congested, we would suggest coming at 2:35 after the busses have left. The office will close at 3:30.

When can students use their phones?
Students can use their phone before and after school and during lunch, otherwise phones need to be secured in their lockers. If there is an emergency, please contact the office and we will provide your student a place to take the call.

How do I find out about busing?
Visit our transportation page or call Transportation at 651-425- 5303. If you are having issues, feel free to contact the main office at 651-425-4500.

What type of day care do you have at school?
We don’t have daycare or supervision. If students are not working with teachers, they need to leave at the end of the school day.

How do I get access to my student’s locker?
During school hours, parents are not able to access their student’s locker. Office staff can assist you with this.

If I need to drop something off for my child how do I do that?
You can drop it off at the Welcome Desk and our staff will get the item to your student.

What time in the morning would a student be considered tardy?
Any time after 7:50am your student is considered tardy.

How do I call my student in absent or late?
Call the attendance line at 651-425-4545 and leave a message if you student will be absent or arrive late to school. The attendance line is available 24 hours a day.

If I need my student to go to an appointment what should I do?
Call the Attendance Line at 651-425-4545, or the Welcome Desk at 651-425-4515, or have your child bring in a signed note to the Welcome Desk. When you pick your student up, you will need come into the building to sign them out at the Welcome Desk.

What are the procedures for entering the building as a parent/guardian?
Anyone entering the building will be asked to provide a driver’s license or a form of identification. You will check in at the Welcome Desk.

When are announcements sent out?
Woodbury Middle School sends out announcements on Tuesday and Thursday through Blackboard Connect. If you have an email in Infinite Campus, you will receive the announcement. All announcements will be posted on the website on Thursday under News.

Health Office

Where do I turn in my immunization records, sports physicals, and doctor’s notes for absences?
These records are kept on file in the health office and recorded by health staff in Infinite Campus.

What is the policy excusing my student from participating in gym?
The student brings a parent note (2 class days in a row is the maximum) or a doctor’s note excusing them to the health office. The health office will record the information and give the student a note for their teacher.

Where must a student call home sick from?
Your student needs to go to the Health Office. A student will not be denied the opportunity to call a parent from the Health Office but should not be calling a parent on their cell phone.

Can my student bring in over-the-counter pain medication?
Yes, a student can bring in a signed note from parents/guardians or a parent/guardian can drop it off.


How do I pay for lunch?
The 2021-22 school year lunch and breakfast is free.
Set up an account online School Café account here:

How does my student get their lunch pin?
Students will receive a paper copy of their schedule with their lunch pin printed on it. If they lose it, they can get it from the cashier in the lunchroom.

Can I eat lunch with my student in the lunchroom?
Due to the size of our lunches, we don’t allow parents to eat in the lunchroom.


What is Parent Portal/Infinite Campus and how can I get an account to monitor my student’s grades?
Parent Portal houses all your student’s final grades, transcripts, health records, attendance, household contact and emergency information. Once you have login access, please update emergency contact information.

What is Schoology?
Schoology is used for families to see what students are learning, current grades and students can email their teacher through the system.

What is the grading policy at WMS?
Visit the assessments and grading webpage.

How do I find the teacher websites?
Go to the webpage under contacts:

How can I access a teacher and how long do I need to wait before I hear from them?
You can contact the teachers by email or phone. If the teacher is at school, they will respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from them and you have been waiting, please contact administration to help you.

Can a student re-take a test?
Any student that earns below a 70% on a Summative test must retake it within two weeks of receiving the test. If a student earns higher than a 70%, there is no retake mandate. If the student desires to retake, the student must initiate a retake time with the teacher.

How do I help my student with their homework?
Middle School students need to have breaks when doing homework. Have them sit for 20 minutes take a 5-minute break and come back. Ask your students what they are learning and what they are working on. If your student is struggling with homework contact the teacher or counselor to get help.

After-school Activities

Where do I find information on activities beyond the school day?
Announcements will be made, and emails are sent out to families on Tuesday and Thursdays.

How do I register my student for sports?
All Middle School Sports are run through Community Education:
Sports will also be communicated through the school announcements. If your student is participating in a high school sport, registration must be directed through the high school athletic office.