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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is designed to increase school-wide learning and performance by ensuring that all students will succeed in a rigorous curriculum, enter mainstream activities of the school, increase their enrollment in 4-year colleges, and become educated and responsible participants and leaders in society.


Anne Olofson
AVID Coordinator

Middle school students participate in AVID classes and electives

AVID Elective Class Information

AVID elective class provides a curriculum that focuses on strong reading and writing skills, organization, study strategies for success, and research on colleges and careers.  AVID students also participate in Socratic-style tutorials two days per week. The AVID program targets students in the academic middle who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. AVID places academically average students in advanced classes and provides them with an elective class that prepares them to succeed in rigorous curricula, enter mainstream activities in school, and increase their opportunities to enroll in four-year colleges.

To learn more about this opportunity for your child, please contact the AVID Coordinator at your child’s school or visit AVID's website or view the AVID Family Information Video.

Apply for AVID

Apply for AVID by clicking on the apply button below, completing the application, saving the file and emailing it to your school's AVID Coordinator. 

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